What has TNT to do with coffee?

Well, sorry to break the news like that, but we're not talking about explosions...at least not the one you think of. TNT short of Thursday (or Tuesday :D ) Night Throwdown is a free pour latte art competition for local baristi - and I don't mean only professionals. Everyone who feels confident enough in their milk pouring skills can register for the event, but believe me, you have to be pretty fearless, because there are some stunning patterns being poured!

The competition itself is very informal, just a bunch of coffee enthusiasts pouring head-to-head against each other. There are also judges, usually the winner from the last TNT is invited to be a judge for the next one. There aren't big prizes or anything, it's just for the common love of good coffee.

Here in Switzerland TNTs are organized every once in a while. One of the recent ones was in March at the gorgeous Alpineum Cafè in Lucerne and now the next one is announced! It's going to take place on the 26th of November in Frühling Cafè in Basel! Definitely something to look forward to!


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